What are We?

The Song Competition (SongCompetition.net – SC.net) is a global, internationally-based, wide reaching competition designed for young people around the world to be able to showcase their talent in the form of music composition and performance in a neutral, familiar and non-competitively threatening way.

The vehicle for the competition is the Internet, which allows a wide demographic reach and cultural diversity for the competition, together with a low-cost timely base to distribute and publish content and judging results.

The Culture and Aims of the competition for the music community are twofold:

To foster the interaction of young creative minds around the globe and to nurture feelings of community, companionship and camaraderie, and

To assist and foster creative growth from less developed and under-resourced countries and communities to be able to provide opportunities to sponsor local music talent, not just internationally visible writers, composers and performers.

The Pacific.SongCompetition.net is the first of our regions to be setup for competition.

The competition is run and managed by Talent Storm Pty Ltd out of Sydney, Australia.  If you’d like to contact us – the email is admin@pacific.songcompetition.net.

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