How to Vote


OR ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE – make sure you press the Sign Up button – Sign Up

OR HERE BY TEXT to +61 423 345 716
TEXT your 10 songs in any order with a comma or space between them – you can vote for any number of songs, up to 10 or the same song, 10 times.

How are the votes counted?
There are two counts for each country. The Jury vote and the Public vote. Each carries the same weight.

First we count for each country’s favourite song.
1. We list the Jury’s top 9 songs and give them points from 10, then 8, then 7, down to 1.
2. Then we list the public vote. The song with the most votes gets 10 points, then next favourite gets 8 points, then down to 1 point, with the last 9 songs getting no points.
3. We add together the Jury and Public votes. The song with the most points gets 10 points, the next 8 points and so on down to 1 point.

We do this for each country that has voted. If a country only has a Jury or a Public vote, then that is counted as is, with no modification or average.

Determining the Winner!
Then we add the points together for each song FROM EVERY COUNTRY and the song with the highest points wins the Pacific Song Competition for that year.

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