How do the Finals Work?

Welcome.  Here is a quick overview of how the final series works.

Our competition is a real-life competition, but delivered by the Internet.  We have pre-recorded video entries and we pre-record the competitors and their support teams to fit into our finals evening template.

Entries can be sent in by a variety of means and we are also attending Festivals around the region to find songs that fit our Criteria.

For the finals, we have a (virtual) stadium, the Pacific Song Competition Stadium, it’ll have 30 or 40 thousand (virtual) spectators and a (virtual) room for each entries support teams. You’ll have seen preliminary staging and lighting setup drawings on our Facebook page and we’ll share more pictures as the design progresses each year.

We have a gorgeous and very clever Master of Ceremonies, who be guiding us through the evening and the night will be live on a web-stream – URL to be announced – from 1830 on the Third Saturday of every November, Sydney Australia AEDT time (UTC +11). The show takes up to 3 hours, depending on the number of entries.

The procedure is as follows: we’ll have the show with all the entries – you’ll see them being introduced by our fabulous host, each act will have their time on stage, with comments by their support teams and the final wrap-up by our host.  Sometimes, the commentary will be in your country’s language, but this will be dependant on us having enough translators or commentators to do this.  The default language is English.

Once the show has finished there is a 20 hour window for You to Vote!

24 hours later, on another live web-stream show, we will have our juries deliver their verdicts. If you want to know how the voting works – go here – and then it’s the publics turn.  Your vote is by country and adds towards how your Country counts the songs entered.  Your country’s Public vote will be counted and the results will be averaged with the official Jury’s vote to determine how your Country voted for the songs.

After 24hours, our Host will come back onto the web stream to announce the winners and their prizes.  The Judges results, your Public Vote and the final voting numbers will also be available on the Pacific Song Competition website, our Facebook and YouTube pages. We’ll also enable you to get an email announcement, if you so desire.

And that’ll be it for the Final for each year.  We hope you have a lot of fun voting for your favorite in the region and look forward to a robust competition for years to come.

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