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2017 Timeline


January to April – Call for Juries

April to September – Entries and country pre-judging live events, if required

May to September – Confirmation of Juries

October – Preliminary judging to final 60 songs (53 country songs, plus up to 7 “Judges Special Mention” choices

October – Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival – Vanuatu

October – November – Preliminary Finals – as required

November 11 – Entries close

November 11 to 16 – Judges to make their decisions

November 18 – Grand Final Live Telecast

November 19 – Voting Results Live Telecast

Voting Results 2016

Here are the voting results for the 2016 Pacific Song Competition:

Remember, you can view the Grand Final broadcast here!

Firstly we’ll hear from our Australian Jury President, Tracey Irving,

And next we’ll hear from our Colombian Jury head, Nicolas Montano,

And then from our Naruan Head Judge, Livingstone Hiram,

And next we’ll hear from our Singapore Jury head, Neil Munas,

And then from our Vanuatu Head Judge, Bev Anti,

And finally from our Vietnamese Jury Head, Dzung Gibson,

So now here are the Australian jury results and the public vote – 618 votes, added together:

Australia 2016 Votes

Australia 2016 Votes

And the Cambodian voting results – there was no jury and 3 public votes from Cambodia:

Cambodia votes 2016

Cambodia 2016 votes

And the Canadian voting results – there was no jury and 15 public votes from Canada:

Canada 2016 votes

Canada 2016 votes

And the Chilean voting results – there was no jury and 123 public votes from Chile:

Chile 2016 votes

Chile 2016 votes

And the Fijian voting results – there was no jury and 26 public votes from Fiji:

Fiji 2016 votes

Fiji 2016 votes

And the Indonesian voting results – there was no jury and 15 public votes from Indonesia:

Indonesia 2016 votes

Indonesia 2016 votes

And the Malaysian voting results – there was no jury and 10 public votes from Malaysia:

Malaysia 2016 votes

Malaysia 2016 votes

And the Nauruan Jury voting results – there were no public votes from Nauru:

Nauru 2016 votes

Nauru 2016 votes

And the New Caledonia voting results – there was no jury and 64 public votes from New Caledonia:

New Caledonia 2016 votes

New Caledonia 2016 votes

And the New Zealand voting results – there was no jury and 1,974 public votes from New Zealand:

New Zealand 2016 votes

New Zealand 2016 votes

And the Philippino voting results – there was no jury and 8 public votes from The Philippines:

Philippines 2016 votes

Philippines 2016 votes

And the Singapore voting results – there was a jury and 0 public votes from Singapore:

Singapore 2016 votes

Singapore 2016 votes

And the Thai voting results – there was no jury and 30 public votes from Thailand:

Thailand 2016 votes

Thailand 2016 votes

And the USA voting results – there was no jury and 66 public votes from The USA:

USA 2016 votes

USA 2016 votes

And here are the Vanuatu jury and 126 public vote results:

Vanuatu 2016 votes

Vanuatu 2016 votes

And finally, the Vietnamese jury and 12 public vote results::

Vietnam 2016 votes

Vietnam 2016 votes

So here now is the final total:

Congratulations to our 2016 Winner – The Spirit of Santo from Vanuatu; and our runners up, Time Now, a joint collaboration from New Zealand and Vanuatu and Sombras from Chile.

Final Scores 2016

Final Scores 2016

We thank everybody involved in the 2016 Pacific Song Competition and look forward to making next year bigger, brighter and better.

Entries for 2017 Now Open!

We’re pleased to announce the opening of entries for the 2017 Pacific Song Competition.

You can enter songs by our Upload Page *** HERE *** or Email them directly to us at or direct Upload them by our Dropbox Upload link here TalentStorm Dropbox

Remember: Our Grand Final is on the 18th November 2017 and Public voting is for 21 hours after that.  Entries will close on the 11th November 2016.

To help here is some information:

Logging onto the facebook page, will give you this image, you need to press on the “Enter Your Song Here” button.  Before you do this though, you have to Like the facebook page.

Enter Your Song Here

Then you’ll see this page:
Entry Form
Fill in all the details, then press the “Proceed to Video Upload” button.

Then you’ll see this page:
New Song Upload Page

After you’ve read all the serious stuff, press the UPLOAD VIDEO button, then you’ll get the upload screen:
New Song Upload Page

All you need to do is fill in your name, email address, song title and other Biographical information you want to send us, then press the SELECT FILE button to select the song on your computer and press SEND IT to upload the file to us.

Confirmation your file is uploaded
and that should be it. Once you have the confirmation shown here, then we’ll get the file soon. Watch out for your song to appear on our country pages!

We wish you all the best in the competition.

As always, if you have any problems, please email us at

Juries 2017

Australia: President Ms Tracey Irving
Colombia: President Mr Nicolas Montano Henao
Nauru: Mr Livingstone Hiram
Singapore: Mr Neil Munas
USA: Mr Paul Chychota
Vanuatu: President Ms Bev Anti
Vietnam: President Ms Dzung Gibson

If you think you’re suited to be a judge and would like to help us out – check here – and then send us a note – here.

Calling for Juries 2017

We’re calling for Juries in each of the 53 countries eligible to enter into the Pacific Song Competition. The list of countries is here – List of eligible Countries.

We need at least three people (with a maximum of eleven) from each country to act as the jury to help us select the best song in the region over the next 6 months.

To be a juror, you need to be more than eighteen years old.  For the full details of the Jury eligibility rules – Jury Rules.

It would also help us to select you if you had some musical background or interest, but this isn’t a pre-requisite.

If you’d like to be a juror in your country and assist us with this amazing and worthwhile community project, please send your reasons for wanting to be a juror and your resume or biography to

Finally, just before you do that, please look over the rules of the Competition here – Competition Rules. Our current Jurors and judges can be found here – Juries 2017.

We look forward to having you on board and to listening to many great songs over the next few months.

The Pacific Song Competition management committee will contact you as necessary, once you have applied, and we will need to finalising the juries by the end of October 2017.

We will be calling for song entries from March 2017. Thank you for being a part of the Pacific Song Competition.

How to Vote


OR ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE – make sure you press the Sign Up button – Sign Up

OR HERE BY TEXT to +61 423 345 716
TEXT your 10 songs in any order with a comma or space between them – you can vote for any number of songs, up to 10 or the same song, 10 times.

How are the votes counted?
There are two counts for each country. The Jury vote and the Public vote. Each carries the same weight.

First we count for each country’s favourite song.
1. We list the Jury’s top 9 songs and give them points from 10, then 8, then 7, down to 1.
2. Then we list the public vote. The song with the most votes gets 10 points, then next favourite gets 8 points, then down to 1 point, with the last 9 songs getting no points.
3. We add together the Jury and Public votes. The song with the most points gets 10 points, the next 8 points and so on down to 1 point.

We do this for each country that has voted. If a country only has a Jury or a Public vote, then that is counted as is, with no modification or average.

Determining the Winner!
Then we add the points together for each song FROM EVERY COUNTRY and the song with the highest points wins the Pacific Song Competition for that year.

How do the Finals Work?

Welcome.  Here is a quick overview of how the final series works.

Our competition is a real-life competition, but delivered by the Internet.  We have pre-recorded video entries and we pre-record the competitors and their support teams to fit into our finals evening template.

Entries can be sent in by a variety of means and we are also attending Festivals around the region to find songs that fit our Criteria.

For the finals, we have a (virtual) stadium, the Pacific Song Competition Stadium, it’ll have 30 or 40 thousand (virtual) spectators and a (virtual) room for each entries support teams. You’ll have seen preliminary staging and lighting setup drawings on our Facebook page and we’ll share more pictures as the design progresses each year.

We have a gorgeous and very clever Master of Ceremonies, who be guiding us through the evening and the night will be live on a web-stream – URL to be announced – from 1830 on the Third Saturday of every November, Sydney Australia AEDT time (UTC +11). The show takes up to 3 hours, depending on the number of entries.

The procedure is as follows: we’ll have the show with all the entries – you’ll see them being introduced by our fabulous host, each act will have their time on stage, with comments by their support teams and the final wrap-up by our host.  Sometimes, the commentary will be in your country’s language, but this will be dependant on us having enough translators or commentators to do this.  The default language is English.

Once the show has finished there is a 20 hour window for You to Vote!

24 hours later, on another live web-stream show, we will have our juries deliver their verdicts. If you want to know how the voting works – go here – and then it’s the publics turn.  Your vote is by country and adds towards how your Country counts the songs entered.  Your country’s Public vote will be counted and the results will be averaged with the official Jury’s vote to determine how your Country voted for the songs.

After 24hours, our Host will come back onto the web stream to announce the winners and their prizes.  The Judges results, your Public Vote and the final voting numbers will also be available on the Pacific Song Competition website, our Facebook and YouTube pages. We’ll also enable you to get an email announcement, if you so desire.

And that’ll be it for the Final for each year.  We hope you have a lot of fun voting for your favorite in the region and look forward to a robust competition for years to come.