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Hello Pacific!

Hello Pacific.  Here’s a fun and exciting competition for young songwriters and performers.  See – What are we.

The Pacific Song Competition (PSC) is all about fostering young creative performing talent around our region.  That region is from New Zealand and Australia in the south-west, up through Asia to Japan and Russia at the north-west, across to Canada and the US in the north-east, down through the Americas to Chile in the south-east.

The Pacific Rim, otherwise know as the Ring of Fire is bordered by 53 countries – see the list of Eligible Countries here – and as it’s Fiery name suggests we’re hoping for some really way out, uber-cool and awesome acts to liven up the show.

Hone up your writing, singing or performing skills, we call for Judges and Entries each year from March, have a look here for our latest dates – see our 2015 Timeline for dates.

The Pacific Song Competition is hosted by Talent Storm Pty Ltd – you can email us at and we look forward to seeing all you can do!

Make sure you tell all your friends about us!