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Entrance Rules

Entries (song, dance, routine, whatever) can come from any individual or group representing the eligible countries and must be original works.  While we don’t intend to censor performances, we reserve the right to exclude any song for any reason.

Entries must be sent in via the internet in an acceptable viewable format and will be voted upon by the jury and the public, using a points system for content, musical, performance and entertainment value.

The composer / writer doesn’t necessarily have to be a native of the country entering the piece, but in the spirit of the competition, the performers should live in the country and PSC can reject the song if we believe it is in questionable taste or doesn’t live up to our culture.

Entrants (Song writers and Performers) must be over 16 years of age, unless special arrangements are made and any performer under the age of 18 must have approval of their Parents or Guardians to Enter and to allow their material or image to be published on any of our websites.

Any copyright or ownership legalities will be deemed to be under the jurisdiction of the entering country.

While entries aren’t limited to only song-based content, the performance judging criteria will put more weight on the music content if it has words and will more heavily mark just a pure music / dance / performance routine.

The entries will need to be sent to us as a 16:9 video via YouTube (watch our Facebook Site for news on when to enter).  The resolution isn’t critical for the initial judging, however be aware, that should the performance be chosen for the country final, the Entrant will need to have the resources to send us an HD file.  It is anticipated that any finals performances will have some assistance from local Television sponsors to film the finals version.

You will need to give us a few details about yourself when you enter and you have to agree that we have non-exclusive rights to any music and lyrics, content, performance and anything else contained in the performance to use and promote as we see fit.  If we can help you with industry contracts after the event, then we will, and you can make other non-exclusive commercial agreements with the material, provided that our non-exclusive rights are included in those agreements.

2016 Timeline


January – Call for Juries

April to November – Entries and country pre-judging, if required

May to August – Confirmation of Juries

October – Preliminary judging to final 60 songs (53 country songs, plus up to 7 “Judges Special Mention” choices

October 21, 22 – Lukaotem Gud Santo Festival – Vanuatu

November – Preliminary Finals – as required

November 19 – Grand Final

November 20 – Voting Results

Juries 2017

Australia: President Ms Tracey Irving
Colombia: President Mr Nicolas Montano Henao
Nauru: Mr Livingstone Hiram
Singapore: Mr Neil Munas
USA: Mr Paul Chychota
Vanuatu: President Ms Bev Anti
Vietnam: President Ms Dzung Gibson

If you think you’re suited to be a judge and would like to help us out – check here – and then send us a note – here.

Calling for Juries 2017

We’re calling for Juries in each of the 53 countries eligible to enter into the Pacific Song Competition. The list of countries is here – List of eligible Countries.

We need at least three people (with a maximum of eleven) from each country to act as the jury to help us select the best song in the region over the next 6 months.

To be a juror, you need to be more than eighteen years old.  For the full details of the Jury eligibility rules – Jury Rules.

It would also help us to select you if you had some musical background or interest, but this isn’t a pre-requisite.

If you’d like to be a juror in your country and assist us with this amazing and worthwhile community project, please send your reasons for wanting to be a juror and your resume or biography to

Finally, just before you do that, please look over the rules of the Competition here – Competition Rules. Our current Jurors and judges can be found here – Juries 2017.

We look forward to having you on board and to listening to many great songs over the next few months.

The Pacific Song Competition management committee will contact you as necessary, once you have applied, and we will need to finalising the juries by the end of October 2017.

We will be calling for song entries from March 2017. Thank you for being a part of the Pacific Song Competition.

Welcome to the Pacific Song Competition

Hello Everybody.

The PSC is all about assisting and showcasing young creative performing talent around our region.  That region is from New Zealand and Australia in the south-west, up through Asia to Japan and Russia at the north-west, across to Canada and the US in the north-east, down through the Americas to Chile in the south-east.  It’s also called the Pacific Rim, otherwise known as the Ring of Fire and is bordered by 53 countries – see the list of Eligible Countries here – and as it’s Fiery name suggests we’re hoping for some really way out, awesome acts to liven up the show.

Hone up your writing, singing or performing skills, we’ll be calling for Judging Jury members shortly and then Entries a little after that – see our 2015 Timeline for dates.  We’ll be asking each country’s talent to put in your best song, via YouTube, then each country’s voting jury AND the residents will pick the best song from each country to enter into the finals, ending up with a winner.

The Pacific Song Competition is hosted by Talent Storm Pty Ltd – you can email us at and we look forward to seeing all you can do!

More Info – check out the links alongside for the Rules, Voting, Who We Are and other cool stuff!